Education Buildings Scotland 2019

This is a session presented at the above conference with the purpose of introducing attendees to the collaboration that we have underway over the creation of a new Centre of Excellence in STEM, partnership between Midlothian Council and the University of Edinburgh. The Centre will host the replacement for Beeslack Community High School in Penicuik.

Discussion Points…

1 Which of the examples you’ve seen from other countries do you find inspiring for your own learning spaces?

2 Tell us about inspiring ideas you’ve seen in Scotland!

3 What does the term Agile Learning Space mean to you?

4 How can space for Creativity and Innovation be created in learning spaces?

5 What does community engagement mean when building a new school?

6 We can’t always build new! How do we inspire in existing learning spaces?

7 How do we prepare staff for transition from existing to new builds?

8 How will collaborating internationally help us to develop better learning spaces?