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Universal Design for Learning

by | Mar 22, 2019 | 4 comments


At the heart of this project is a desire to make all learning objects available to all learners in an accessible form, irrespective of time of day and location.  The fully accessible resources can be translated by assistive technology if required to meet the needs of the learner. This includes, text to speech, colour changes, zoom etc. 


  1. Translations – making learning accessible to all.
    Use of tech to allow differentiation – adaptive learning programs.
    Assess and feedback with ease.
    Teachers need to learn how to use the technology on top of their already heavy workload.

  2. There may be an issue with communication – easy to misinterpret things online, instructions are easier to understand given in person.

  3. if the wifi breaks, the lesson breaks. Technology isn’t 100% consistent. If home devices are incompatible with the school devices then teachers will struggle to do lesson prep. Some people may not access to wifi or internet connectios at home. Can be time consuming uploading and creating lessons. Teachers would need numerous back ups (basically a different ‘non-digital’ lesson) in the case of technology failure.

  4. Makes learning more accessible for all pupils in the schools and less resources needed


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