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Project Overview

by | Mar 24, 2019

There are a wide range of research and development projects happening around the Digital Centre of Excellence, some very small and others that will involve hundreds of pupils and staff over many years.

Equipped for learning *

Curriculum Development

Everyone makes a School

Chromium OS

Genius Bar

Universal Design for Learning *

Coding and Gaming Environments

Maker Spaces

Internet of Things *

Data Rich School

Wearable Technology *

Weather Station

Satellite Tracker


Interfacing Trolleys

Apple/Google/Microsoft School

Digital Hub

Cloud Based Learning

Collaborative Classroom

Digital Footprint

Digital Signage *

Effect MDMs

Network and Services Monitoring

Network X *

Newbattle TV

Radio Newbattle

Shared Learning Spaces *


Cyber Resilient Community

GDPR & Privacy Impact Assessments

Network Security Analysis

Digital Learning Team *

Digital Collaboratives

The Business Hub



Social Enterprise

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