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IOT Learning

by | Mar 24, 2019 | 4 comments


This is potentially one of the most significant developments going forward across the world.  It goes hand in hand with the Data Driven Innovation aspects of our partnership with University of Edinburgh.  Newbattle alongside some City of Edinburgh schools will lead research and development into IOT in schools, collaborating with schools across the world.  Sensors will be designed and built by learners and measure all sorts of data from the ‘feelings’ discussed in the Everyone Makes a School project through to environmental data from within the school and local community.  The sensors rely on a new radio network that will span the Edinburgh region and the data will be stored and processed in the University of Edinburgh secure cloud services. 


  1. Are there no concerns over online bullying and the impact of technology over the outdoor experiences that young people need?

  2. You could potentially bring this into any area of the curriculum. Potential drawbacks of cyber-bullying and limited time spent outdoors as online instead

  3. Benefits: good for measuring physical activity and health- has the potential to be shared with medical professionals so could potentially help with early intervention for things like obesity and iabetes.

    Drawbacks: could be intrusive if used incorrectly

  4. Health and Wellbeing. Use of fitbits. Tablets in PE. Access to videos and links on phones.


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