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Equipped for Learning

by | Mar 22, 2019 | 7 comments


This project will support our learners to own the technology to support their learning.  The technology is likely to be mobile devices and the ownership of the device will be transferred to the individual learner so that they can personalize it to suit their needs then use it to support their learning beyond Newbattle.  Technology will come from a wide range of sources including learners own purchased devices, those bought by the Council and those donated by our business partners. Students will learn how to best configure the devices for their own needs and through self-help groups, keep their devices maintained and in good condition. 


  1. An online webpage like we have here at the University of Edinburgh or Google Classroom where all learning resources and lessons are available so pupils have access to education at all times

  2. All teachers using a platform such as Google Classroom would provide pupils with access to their education at all times.

  3. Elements of choice – make tech accessible but not an enforced requirement.

    Use of Windows, Apple and Android, as part of the CLPL of the teacher.

  4. Technology should/could have a place in every subject. However, it is important to have other options as well. When using technology, it is important to consider the safety of using the internet.

  5. safe internet policy, code of use (taught how to use the equipment and what things actually mean (removing content, cookies etc)), all pupils given equal opportunity to access the content, all pupils given the same number of technologies

  6. Monitored tablet for every pupil. Technology only used for relevant and appropriate research and learning.

  7. A way of ensuring that the technology is used to benefit the learner rather than just for social media etc. Other than this let learners choose how and when they use it.


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