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Curriculum and Learner Journeys

Curriculum and Learner Journeys – Alongside partners in Midlothian Council, Education Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Qualifications Authority, Skills Development Scotland, Further Education, Higher Education, Industry and Commerce, school staff have starting working on the development of learner journeys to equip the students with the skills and expertise to thrive in a future workplace and be safe and responsible citizens within their digital communities.

The Centre aims in the mid to long term to offer students opportunities to specialise in disciplines related to digital industries, including:

Film and video production Software design and engineering
Programming and coding  Games development and publishing
 Digital engineering (eg, CAD)  Sound/audio engineering and music production
 Business administration and e-commerce  FinTec (financial technologies)


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The curriculum pathways in the Broad General Education (BGE) will follow two main strands, the first of which will focus on Digital Literacy, with a weekly experience for all pupils.  The curriculum will be designed around the technologies outcomes with contributions from our business, further and higher education partners.

Electives in the Centre’s new curriculum structure will also offer the opportunity to specialise in areas such as coding, fintech, digital design, music and film production amongst others. A working group in the learning community has been set up to develop the BGE curriculum from early years onwards. Education Scotland have offered extensive support in this task.

Within the senior phase (S4-6), students will have opportunities for deeper learning and specialisation through an enhanced curriculum, specialist teaching and dedicated resources.  They will have access to dedicated teaching areas, as well as state-of-the-art technology  and  other equipment.

Students  will  have  the  opportunity  to  work closely with local employers, universities and colleges to ensure deep learning and specialisation through programmes of mentoring, work placements and internships.

The Senior Phase pathways are work in progress, building on the electives from BGE and tied into the digital skills gap in the job market. Centre staff will work with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Further and Higher Education and Industry, developing courses and pathways that lead to a range of positive destinations from apprenticeships to university entry.

The enhanced academic staffing identified within the City Deal application will take forward the specialised Senior Phase pathways. A second strand will look at the capacity of existing school faculties to offer digitally enhanced courses within their current provision.

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