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Digital Centre of Excellence

In the Summer of 2018, Newbattle Community High School moved into the new £36m Newbattle Community Campus, creating Midlothian’s first Centre of Excellence in Digital.

Curriculum and Learner Journeys

Developing new pathways into Scotland’s Digital Industries

Looking to create new pathways for our learners through further and higher education, apprenticeships into positive and sustainable careers.

Data Driven Innovation

data capture, processing, analytics, internet of things, environmental control, robotics, coding

Video, Sound & Music Technology

Video, direction, production, editing, streaming, content management systems, recording, live, mixing, sound scaping, infrastructure.

Coding & Digital Making

Computational thinking, python, scratch, javascript, swift, makerspaces, robotics

Digital Engineering & Design

3D scanning and print, Virtual, augmented and mixed reality, Laser Cutting, CAD

Digital Curriculum

Creativity, innovation, skills, social networking, blogging, wikis, multimedia, communication, technologies

Cyber Security & Resilience

Hacking, firewalling, breaches, GDPR, phishing, ransomware, virus, VPN, trojan

Games Development

Concept, design, coding, 2D/3D,optimization, texturing, animation, sound effects, graphics

Business & Financial Technologies

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, banking, financial services, stock markets, data, systems, marketing, analysis, artificial intelligence

Partnerships, Leadership and Innovation

Working alongside our partners including Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh, we will research and develop new creative and innovative methods to support learning through digital.

Digital Hub

Sharing our research and developments across Scotland

Everything that we do within the Digital Centre of Excellence will be shared across learning communities, on social networking and through our web and multimedia channels.

Digital Participation

Bringing digital to learners as a universal entitlement

In particular we will strike against poverty and disability through ensuring that digital technology works to support learners.

The job I want hasn’t been invented yet!

Many jobs that our younger pupils will have as they leave school are not yet in existence. The current job market will change drastically as tasks transfer into the digital landscape.


It takes a whole community to support our learners on their digital journey

The Digital Learning Team comprises of pupils, staff, parents/carers, wider community and business partners, each contributing to support people first then technology.


A fifty strong team of pupil digital leaders support the various aspects of the digital centre including, day to day classroom support, filming, radio, sound, audio visual and networking.

Learning Technologists

Newbattle is the first school in Scotland to deploy Learning Technologists on the staff.  These staff have a set of hybrid skills that bridge the gap between technical and teaching.

Digital Services

From their base in Dalkeith, the team support most of the core technology together with the core infrastructure including, networks, wifi and connection to the internet.

School staff

School staff have developed different areas of expertise that they are able to share with their colleagues.

Digital Learning Team

The team from the Education Service has moved into Newbattle and will support other schools from their base in school. Their expertise will be enhanced by the Newbattle team to deliver a more comprehensive service to other schools.

Business Partners

University of Edinburgh and other business partners are a valuable source of advice on our digital journey.  Our partners’ advice is from skills and experience second to none, critical to our front edge technology.

Our colleagues and friends in ADS helped us develop our thoughts on the Digital Centre of Excellence.

Want to visit?

To find out more, follow us on social networking or get in touch.  We will offer visits from October 2019 onwards.